Social Justice Programs:

Drug Court

Dallas County Adult Drug Court was created to give persons charged with qualifying charges an opportunity to seriously address their addictions to drugs and alcohol and recover from their addiction. By choosing to enter the DCADC, participants are choosing perhaps the best opportunity they will ever have to reclaim and rebuild their life.

Selected as the Nations Best Drug Court in 2017

Family Wellness Court

Mission is to create, in partnership with community service providers, a continuum of services needed to identify and develop family strengths, and to assess and treat family dysfunction caused by drug or alcohol dependency.

With an emphasis on ensuring that our approach to fostering healthy homes reflects a commitment to professional collaboration, intensive substance abuse treatment, legal accountability and intervention strategies that focus in the needs of the family as a whole.

Compass Program

The Compass Evening Reporting Program (CERP) is a court ordered intervention/prevention program for juvenile delinquents in Dallas County. Operating at Hope Academy, the CERP offers an alternative for youth who would otherwise be committed to the Alabama Department of Youth Services (DYS) or detained in the Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center.

Evidence 2 Success

Through testing and evaluation, Evidence2Success aims to demonstrate that cities can improve young people’s well-being at the community level by:

  • Forming partnerships that engage elected officials, public agencies and the community in working together to improve child well-being.

  • Collecting and analyzing data to establish priorities based on kids’ strengths and needs.

  • Selecting evidence-based programs that focus on prevention and early intervention, instead of waiting until after problems occur to intervene.

  • Analyzing the effectiveness of current investments and shifting a percentage of funding toward evidence-based programs.